Bonfire night

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Guy Fawkes Night

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Bonfire Night Crafts

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Why did Guy Fawkes and his mom put gunpowder in the process?. Remember, remember the fifth of November Celebrate Bonfire Night in style at a spectacular London fireworks display to mark Guy Fawkes' plot.

A lovely story all about Bonfire Night and Fireworks.

Bonfire Night: Vocabulary

Read this story with children to discuss Bonfire Night activities and how to keep safe. Bonfire Night is a day celebrated in the UK, associated with fireworks, bonfires, sparklers and toffee apples. The reason this happens is to remember an important event in history, an attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament.

This Won’t It Be Fun On Bonfire Night circle dance encourages all the anticipation of the November 5th traditions, but also includes a little reminder about keeping safe too. Most countries have a tradition of bonfires and fireworks to mark special occasions at various points in the year.

Webquest: Bonfire Night

Thousands of fireworks light up London on the 5th of November, known as Bonfire Night or Guy Fawkes Night, in celebration of the protestant King James' assassination attempt on the same day in A group of Catholics led by Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the House of Parliament and finally kill the King.

On 5 November, people across the UK celebrate Bonfire Night with fireworks, bonfires, sparklers and toffee apples. Some might have small fireworks parties in their back gardens, while towns and.

Fireworks & Bonfire Night Bonfire night
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