Bump steer by longacre racing

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How to Measure Bump Steer

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Longacre Storage Case for Bump Steer Gauge

Single. Find Longacre Bump Steer Gauges and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Longacre bump steer gauges feature a simplified design that uses precision indicators to tell you the exact amount of bump.

Bump steer is when you wheels steer themselves without input from the steering wheel. The undesirable steering is caused by bumps in the track interacting with improper length or angle of your suspension and steering linkages.

What is Bump Steer? It is the term for when your wheels steer themselves without input from the steering wheel.

Longacre 52-56825 17 in Alum Steering Wheel, Bump Grip, Black

It is caused by bumps in the road or track interacting with improper length or angle of your suspension or steering linkages. The Longacre Precision Bump Steer Gauge with Billet Plate is the most accurate, easiest and quickest way to measure your critical bump steer at an affordable price.

This simplified bump steer gauge design uses a single precision digital indicator to tell you directly the exact amount of bump steer within". Longacre Universal Bump Steer Gauge with Billet Plate LON New precision plate, 3/8" thick T6 Billet aluminum for the ultimate in accuracy.

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Anodized and laser engraved.

Bump steer by longacre racing
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