German resistance

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List of Germans who resisted Nazism

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List of Germans who resisted Nazism

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Jan 13,  · Es lebe die Freiheit! Alle Waffen gegen Hitler! (All Weapons Against Hitler!) Kampf gegen den Faschismus (Fight Against Fascism) Marsch der An.

Opposition to the Nazi regime also arose among a very small number of German youth, some of whom resented mandatory membership in the Hitler Youth. In Munich inuniversity students formed the White Rose resistance group.

German Resistance to Hitler [Peter Hoffmann] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Fascination with the evil of the Nazi regime has not diminished in the decades since Hitler assumed power in Germany. Hoffmann examines the growing recognition by some Germans in the s of the malign nature of the Nazi regime, the ways in which these people became involved in the resistance, and the views of those who staked their lives in the struggle against tyranny and murder.

10 Awesome Groups Of Germans Who Resisted The Nazis

The resisters, he concludes, acted not so much in the hope of personal. The term "German Resistance" should not be understood as meaning that there was a united resistance movement in Germany at any time during the Nazi period, analogous to the more coordinated (for example) French Resistance.

German resistance to Nazism

The German resistance consisted of small and usually isolated groups. In profiling two leading figures in the German resistance, Elisabeth Sifton and Fritz Stern have revealed an important truth about the anti-Nazi underground: although those who opposed Hitler often had motives unrelated to anti-Semitism, the most influential resisters were driven primarily by a shared horror at the mass murder of Jews.

German resistance
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